Sale! 3-Axis-Brushless-Gimbal Controller
alexmos-3-Axis-Brushless-Gimbal Controllersimple-bgc-3-Axis-Brushless-Gimbal Controllerdiy-3-Axis-Brushless-Gimbal Controller

3 Axis Brushless Gimbal Controller


Simple BGC Universal 3-axis Brushless Gimbal Controller
Firmware V2.2B2 (Firmware upgradeable)

Product Description

BGC Uni­ver­sal 3-axis Brush­less Gim­bal Con­troller
Firmware V2.2B2 (Firmware upgrade­able)

Weight:  17g  (includ­ing sen­sor and wire)
Main board size: 50 x 50mm
Power input: max 4S/ 16.8V (12V/ 3S is sug­gested)

Basic welding/ironing skills are required.  For more infor­ma­tion and trou­ble shoot­ing, please refer to the Alex­Mos Sim­ple BGC Project offi­cial web­site: