Sale! Blackmagic Brushless Gimbal Motor for Canon C100 C300 iPower GBM8017-120T
iPower-GBM8017-120Tbrushless-gimbal motor for red epic iPower

Blackmagic Brushless Motor GBM8017-120T

$289.48 $220.00

Blackmagic Brushless Gimbal Motor GMB8017-120T for Red Epic, Black Magic, Canon C 100, Canon C 300, or similar sized cameras

Product Description

Model Number: GBM8017-120T
Configuration: 24N28P
Wire: 0.29mm
Turn: 120 T
Motor size: 90*13mm
Mounting Hole: 52,33mm
Resistance: 14.7 ohm
Weight: 318g
Camera Range: 2000+g

Blackmagic Direct Drive Brushless Gimbal Motor is ideal for 2 or 3-Axis Gimbals for aerial or handheld cinematography.  It’s a high performance motor that can handle DSLR cameras such as the Red Epic, BlackMagic, or similar sized cameras.