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DJI Ronin Arm Extender

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Fly Big Production Cameras

The Axis DJI Ronin Arm Extender lets you mount BIG production cameras such as the Red Epic, Red Dragon, Sony F55, F5, and FS700 to your DJI Ronin.

Comes with both Left and Right Arm Extenders


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Product Description

Axis-DJI-Ronin-Arms-ExtenderAdd More Depth

The Axis DJI Ronin arm extenders increase the length of the arms by 40mm, which gives you enough depth to add a long zoom, a mattebox and filters with regular back battery mounts for power.  This extra depth gives you room to slide the camera backwards to counter balance front heavy setups. It also gives you more clearance to avoid unwanted bumps and obstruction for bigger cameras and lenses.

Use Existing Batteries

The Axis DJI Ronin Arm Extender gives you enough room to use bulkier batteries such as your Anton Bauer Battery Packs. This eliminates the need for costly “slim batteries” or side battery mounts.



Maintain Efficient Motor Performance

The Axis DJI Ronin Arm Extender allows you to balance larger production cameras to maintain efficient motor performance. This gives the DJI Ronin quicker response, less strain on the motors, and more efficiency on the power supply. In the end, you’ll have a happier Ronin with smoother footage.

Easy Bolt-On Installation

The Axis DJI Ronin Arm Extender is super easy to install. The integrated lock design securely fastens to the original DJI arms with an easy bolt-on installation. Just unbolt your original arms, add the Axis DJI Ronin Arm Extenders and bolt on the original arms to the new extenders.

Fits Factory Ronin Case

Once the Axis DJI Ronin Arm Extenders are installed it will still fit the original DJI factory case without any modifications.

Designed to Match

The Axis DJI Ronin Arm Extenders are specifically designed to match the existing look and feel of the DJI Ronin. It’s made from high grade CNC machined aluminum and anodized in black.