DIY 3 Axis Gimbal packages are very popular among those who are new to gimbals. It’s a great way to learn how to assemble, tune, program, and balance gimbals. Most filmmakers start here and graduate to more expensive units that are geared towards heavier cameras and have more modular functionality to adapt with other rigs. The DIY 3 axis gimbal kits usually come with everything you need to start your build including all the carbon fiber rods, clamps, bearings, motors, and 3 axis gimbal controller. Note: most DIY units do not come with batteries as they are very difficult to ship due to import regulations. They take some time to build and to get familiar with so if you are pressed for time you may want to go with a plug and play 3 axis gimbal that works straight out of the box. If you are really adventurous you can build your DIY gimbal from scratch using the parts below.

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