Sale! Fy-G3-Gopro-Gimbal

FY-G3 Ultra 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal


The All-New FY-G3 GoPro 3-Axis Gimbal is the perfect solution to shaky GoPro videos.  The 3-Axis Ultra Gimbal is light, portable, and super easy to use. The super compact, lightweight, and durable CNC machined aluminum gimbal.

Product Description

The GoPro Gimbal features 3 “Following” modes which is activated by a click of a button:
Head Following Mode
– Locks the “Pitch” and “Roll” while following/rotating on the “Head” axis.
Head and Pitch Mode – Locks the “Roll” Axis while following/rotating on the “Head” and “Pitch” Axis.
Locked Mode – Locks all “Head”, “Pitch” and “Roll” Axis.

FY-G3 Button and Function/Battery Indicator Light

The FY-G3 GoPro Gimbal comes equipped with an easy to use button and indicator light so you know exactly how the FY-G3 GoPro Gimbal will perform and how long it’ll last.

Button Indicator
Button Action
Single Press
Double Press
Long Press (1 Second)
LED Status
Single Flash
Double Flashes
Constant On
“Head” Mode
“Head” and “Pitch” Mode
“Locked” Mode
Battery Indicator
LED Status
3 x Flash
2 x Flash
1 x Flash
Continual Flashing
Full Power
Enough Power
Low Power
No Power
Rechargeable Battery Included

The FY-G3 GoPro Gimbal comes equipped with a rechargeable battery and charger.  Under normal use the unit is expected to last up to 3 hours.

Initializing the FY-G3 GoPro Gimbal

The FY-G3 GoPro Gimbal needs to be initialized when the following situations occur:

1. After Powered on the angle of the “Pitch” has a different angle as the horizon line
2. After powered on, the angle of the “Roll” has a different angle as the horizon line
3. When the “Head” is locked the Head frequently adjusts in a small angle.

To re-calibrate the FY-G3 GoPro Gimbal

1. Keep the gimbal still on a flat surface.  Holding the bottom handle upright against a table/desk works best.
2. Power on
3. Wait for the initialization to complete.
4. Resume shooting


Minimum Standard Max. Remark
Work voltage 7.0V 12.0V 17.0V
Static altitude follow precision 0.01 0.02 0.05 Static
Motion altitude follow precision 0.1 0.2 0.5 Overmotion<2G
Motor overload protection current 800MA
Pitch angle range -100(down) 0(horizontal) +35(up)
Roll angle range -45 0(horizontal) +45
Navigation angle motion range -150(L) +150 Vertical handle
Navigation angle motion range -50 +50 Horizontal handle
Pitch follow speed ratio 2°/s 50°/s
Navigation follow speed ratio 3°/s 150°/s
Weight 305g battery, cam not included